SnapBack Apps Release!

March 13, 2017

Our first release is complete. Finally! We need your help and specific feedback, so we can improve SnapBack Apps. Let us know which parts take more time than they should, do not work properly, are confusing, or need help. We have been focused on perfecting the functionality of the apps, so for now, don’t be too concerned with the looks–we will be working on this aspect next. Check out all the information over at

SnapBack Storage

(1990’s Archive)

Ready to Run and No External Device Needed

Columbia Data Products announced plans to launch SnapBack, its automatic data protection software designed for the average PC user, as well as for servers. Today’s consumers need a reliable, easy to use computer backup product that protects their computer’s data files, system files and settings, with no user action and no external storage device needed. CDP’s “new” SnapBack is designed to meet this need. Prior to large scale distribution of this product, the company is soliciting feedback from a variety of potential customers.

Company CEO Alan Welsh explained,

“We are embarking on some rather bold product plans, and we need all the input that we can get from ordinary PC users.  Seldom has CDP announced plans in advance unless we think it will provide value to CDP or customers.  As a private company with no investors to impress, we focus on developing products rather than promoting CDP.  For now, however, we are inviting users to help us shape a very good product into a really great one. We’re excited about the potential and, as we release more information, we think you’ll be excited too.”

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SnapBack Storage Q & A

(1990’s Archive)

Q & A with Alan Welsh–Columbia Data Products CEO/CTO

Q: Tell us about Columbia Data Products and why SnapBack was developed.
For more than a decade, CDP has provided reliable data protection for servers and PCs in corporate environments, most notably with our OTM and PSM products. Now we have changed focus from the power users to the ordinary, individual PC owners. We took PSM technology and redesigned it to meet the needs of the average consumer, calling it SnapBack.

Q: Why does the average consumer need SnapBack?
According to Gartner and other storage experts, in 2013 over 50% of computer users will experience a significant loss of files and/or loss of use their PC.  Why?  Because other backup solutions require users to choose, install, configure, and then maintain some backup procedures to ensure they work.  Although these solutions work as designed for diligent people, most people are not always diligent when it comes to maintaining their computer software.  In the real world, most users won’t do what’s required, so they are vulnerable to loss of their data or their entire system.

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