June 2017 – SnapBack Apps Release!

Columbia Data Products has just released SnapBack Apps, a free (for personal use) collection of one-click solutions designed to solve many of the frustrating problems within Windows.

You no longer have to suffer from automatic reboots and you can also decide when you want Windows 10 updates, instead of helplessly standing by. Some of these settings are now available for Pro and Enterprise users, but without our product Home users are still forced to update and reboot automatically.

Please take a moment to try it out for yourself and send us any feedback for improvement, or suggestions on what problems you think we should attack next.

My name is Alan Welsh and I am the CEO of Columbia Data Products (CDP). Over the past several years CDP has been dedicated to developing the easy-to-use SnapBack Apps platform to give every Windows user the power to save time, money and frustration. At CDP we strive to develop the best solutions for PC users. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us, and we hope you will share SnapBack Apps with all of your friends!

Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions or to discuss more about SnapBack Apps. Together we can make Windows better for all users.

Thank you in advance,
Alan Welsh
CEO/CTO of Columbia Data Products
SnapBack Apps – Saving PC Users Time, Money and Frustration

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