SnapBack Storage

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Ready to Run and No External Device Needed

Columbia Data Products announced plans to launch SnapBack, its automatic data protection software designed for the average PC user, as well as for servers. Today’s consumers need a reliable, easy to use computer backup product that protects their computer’s data files, system files and settings, with no user action and no external storage device needed. CDP’s “new” SnapBack is designed to meet this need. Prior to large scale distribution of this product, the company is soliciting feedback from a variety of potential customers.

Company CEO Alan Welsh explained,

“We are embarking on some rather bold product plans, and we need all the input that we can get from ordinary PC users.  Seldom has CDP announced plans in advance unless we think it will provide value to CDP or customers.  As a private company with no investors to impress, we focus on developing products rather than promoting CDP.  For now, however, we are inviting users to help us shape a very good product into a really great one. We’re excited about the potential and, as we release more information, we think you’ll be excited too.”

SnapBack Features

Easy to Use: No work is required at any time since SnapBack is already set up and fully automatic.
Backing up is automatic and continuous, with a new, complete snapshot copy of the hard drive every 10-15 minutes. As space is needed, snapshots are deleted; older ones are retained on a less frequent basis. Accessing any version of the backed up data files can be done instantly within Windows Explorer with a right click of the mouse. Recovering a complete system when the drive is unbootable takes a little longer. This can usually be accomplished in 10 minutes by an average user, with little or no expertise needed.

Reliable: SnapBack always works when needed, unlike other backup products.
Most backup products work as designed, yet, according to Gartner’s 2013 report, over 50% of users can’t recover what they lost. One of the biggest causes of data loss is that, even though users want protection, they know that spending time choosing, configuring, maintaining, and testing backup operations is overwhelming. Plus, the expense of adding additional hardware and expertise is just not worth it for many people. Even if the user has an external storage device, or cloud storage, actual backups are made sporadically, i.e., only when the user remembers to hook up the device, or has access to the internet. With SnapBack, the backup is done automatically, right to the computer’s own hard drive so it’s always working whenever the computer is on. No extra equipment, internet access, or user action is needed.

Comprehensive: SnapBack protects files, folders, system settings, and bootability, with 1,000 different copies of the hard drive from which to restore.
Many backup services and software are designed to protect data files only. Unfortunately, these backups are no help when a computer loses its settings, or its operating system is corrupted. Because SnapBack uses its patented True Image technology to copy the drive contents at the block level, not the file level, it creates a true copy of everything on the computer (not just files) at the instant the snapshot is made. The software is designed to create and save up to 1000 snapshots, each representing the precise contents of the computer at a given point in time.

Fast: Unbootable PCs or server recovery in minutes, not hours.
A typical image backup product takes many hours to copy a complete drive image to an external device.  Even if that product supports sending quick updates to the external device, only a few backup copies will be available from which to restore, and only from time periods when an external drive was actually connected.  Even then, it will require many hours to restore a complete image from an external drive because it must move the entire image from the external device.  

In contrast, SnapBack’s revert process only needs to replace the damaged parts of the system with good parts copied from one of the 1,000 snapshots it has available on the internal hard drive itself, so it only takes minutes to accomplish and can be done from anywhere.

File and/or System recovery from virtually any past version.
If a user needs to retrieve an earlier version of a file, SnapBack displays all past versions within Windows Explorer with a simple right click. On the other hand, if the whole operating system is failing to boot properly or otherwise misbehaving, it can be restored to its previous working condition, with up to 1000 points in time available. It takes just a few steps and a few minutes to complete SnapBack’s “System Revert” recovery.

No external device needed: Data is backed up right on the PC.
There’s no need to hook up an external drive or sign on to the internet. Everything is backed up right on the PC and always available to user. If the system hardware is still functional, then SnapBack will protect against loss due to virtually any disaster that could happen. The entire operating system and all files can be recovered within minutes, not the hours required if recovering from an external device.