SnapBack Storage

“I just want to use my stuff WHENEVER I need it and without any work.”

SnapBack protects your data automatically 24/7–without ANY action from you.

SnapBack allows you to travel back through time to use, copy, and restore any file or folder. You can typically reboot and revert your entire computer or server to an earlier point in time, even when it won’t boot properly.

Hardware rarely fails today, SnapBack protects PCs and servers against everything else.

Backup/Restore Software without External Storage

CDP’s SnapBack is a unique and highly efficient data backup/data recovery solution that provides PC and server users peace of mind with their file backup needs. SnapBack works to protect a user’s computer or server without sacrificing system performance. With support for 1,000 snapshots, SnapBack offers any individual user multiple copies of their files. No external storage is required and the software works quietly in the background, consuming minimal system resources.

Out-of-the-Box Backup

Backing up data for most users either requires the use of external storage devices or expensive cloud services, both of which require a great deal of time to actually back up data. Unfortunately, most users tend to either backup their data infrequently or not at all which leaves them ill-prepared when they need previous copies of their files. SnapBack is the solution users need because it does not require any configuration, any external storage, or any detailed help. Most importantly, SnapBack works 24/7 by persistently backing up data with the use of a set schedule. For most users, this means working on your machine while simultaneously having the peace of mind knowing that your data and important files are protected.

Protect Your Documents, Folders, and System Files

SnapBack works ideally for a number of situations users commonly experience. SnapBack works to protect and restore data in the event of system corruption, software corruption, and even in the simple case of accidental file deletion. With support for 1,000 snapshots, each a true image backup, a user can select any number of previous system states in a matter of seconds. This means that data and system files can be restored efficiently and without the use of any external device.

Use SnapBack to Test-Drive Programs

SnapBack is preconfigured with a number of extended features. Most notable is the Area 51 virtual-PC feature which allows a user to run their machine without writes to their active volume. Users can simply push a button and, from that moment on, nothing is permanently written to the hard drive. All changes are made to a specific snapshot, available to users upon the next system reboot. Area-51 is ideal to test programs/software and browse potentially dangerous websites. Area-51 is also great for those who want to share their laptop/notebook but who do not want to run the risk of system corruption. This feature also makes it useful in kiosk environments.

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