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Welcome to CDP.com! Our goal is to empower data-driven marketing professionals, marketing technology pros, innovative customer service and sales leaders, IT professionals, and C-suite executives with insightful and critical perspectives on the customer data platform industry, including unique and valuable information, news, analysis and thought-leadership content. 

CDP.com will look at the customer data management market, its key platforms and vendors, the roles and skills needed for success, and the parallel technologies that enable a CDP to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale and drive growth across the business.

We want to share content that examines different perspectives, elevates the conversation, and helps advance the vision for how CDPs and customer data can transform businesses and the customer experience. To join the conversation, please review our submission guidelines here.

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If you’re just beginning to explore CDPs, you might want to browse our glossary to familiarize yourself with common terms and concepts related to CDPs or check out our article on What is a CDP or the checklist for How to Choose the Right Customer Data Platform.

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CDP.com is owned and operated by Treasure Data, a leading enterprise CDP provider. As part of the community of customers, vendors, analysts, and other CDP practitioners, we are dedicated to growing awareness of this important category and driving the conversation forward through this industry site.